What Not To Do

I found online tutorials for matching hat, coat & dress. I assumed I’d need 2 skeins of the main color. That was my first mistake. 2 skeins was not enough & our local Walmart was out & slow to re-stock so I had to drive to another town twice to get a 3rd. And although I think I got the same brand & color it still looks slightly different because it’s from a different batch number.

Which brings us around to my second mistake. I did the hat first & didn’t like it because it was big enough for me. Rather than redo it I moved on to the coat. Ran out of yarn before I could trim the entire thing. Undid the hat & used the yarn to finish the coat & start on the dress. Ran out of yarn again over half way through the skirt. And the new yarn I got is slightly off. So now the skirt is two-toned. I also redid the hat with the new yarn so it don’t match the coat or over 1/2 the dress. But at least it’s not two-toned.

Hope you learn your lesson from my mistakes. Make sure you have enough yarn to finish things. And make sure you finish one thing before starting another.

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