Thou Shalt Not Spam

When I registered this site’s domain name my personal info was protected for free. When I registered it was not. So not only did I get spam email – my phone rang more in one day then it did the entire time I’ve had it. So obviously people are stalking the WhoIs database & harassing people.

You won’t have to worry about that here. I hate it therefore I won’t do it. Not long after installing & setting up WordPress Google was already linking to my site in their search engine. That’s one of the benefits of WordPress. I also had a Facebook page & linked to my site there. Plus I posted link on my personal Facebook wall to tell family & friends. I might also link to it from some of my other sites & profiles. I also created some biz cards & have handed a few out. That’s about as much “marketing” as I’m prepared to do.

There are newsletter plugins for WordPress but I’m not a newsletter type of gal mainly because I’ve rarely got news to tell – other than Walmart went up on prices for their yarn. But I wouldn’t want an email about that so I’m not going to send an email about that.

I’ve got a news & info section here so I will post news & info here & if people want to read it they can & if they don’t then they don’t have to. If you read my posts & think they’re interesting you can always subscribe but again you don’t have to. And if you do subscribe & change your mind later you can always unsubscribe.

You can also share, like & comment on posts. I believe only when you comment does this site collect some info & when it does it’s not posted publicly. If you use other WordPress sites then you likely have a Gravatar account & if you use the same email for Gravatar & your comment then your Gravatar profile pic will appear next to your comment.

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