I don’t know that I followed any pattern for big-foot’s dress. Perhaps at the top but otherwise I winged it. I’m glad my friend’s grandkid let me borrow her doll because otherwise those big feet might not have fit through the hole of the dress. I thought I made the dress long enough to cover them but when she’s leaning up against something they’re still peaking out. But my friend’s grandkid was happy enough so I suppose that’s all that matters.Read More →

These were the dresses Ms. Billie taught me to make that got me started in crocheting again. Their legs go down into a toilet paper roll so the dress can cover it – which makes it look like a ball gown. I have seen dolls made with no legs for this purpose. But I haven’t been able to find any – not even at Hobby Lobby. So you can either cut their legs off – which ruins the doll for any other purpose – or you have to make the dress longer.Read More →