Laundering Instructions

Machine Washing & Drying

Machine wash on gentle or synthetic setting using warm water & any detergent which does not contain bleaching agents. A small amount of fabric softener added to the final rinse will help keep your garments soft & static-free. Machine dry at regular setting. Always machine dry after machine washing.

Hand Washing & Drying:

Wash gently in warm water using any detergent which does not contain bleaching agents. Always support the article during washing & rinsing & when removing article from cold rinse bunch together & lift out in both hands. Squeeze out excess water, roll inside a towel, twist & squeeze again while in the towel. Spread article to dry on a flat surface, bunch into shape & allow to dry thoroughly before moving article. Never dry any article in direct sunlight & never hang to dry.

Please Note:

Some yarn must be absolutely dry to insure automatic blocking. If stretched during wear or washing, wet thoroughly, squeeze & tumble dry in home or coin operated dryer to reshape.

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