Check Out Video Comments First

Most of the things I’ve made were thanks to online video tutorials. Most teachers show then tell you what to do & then pause the video so both they & we can follow their instructions at our own pace. But most get back with you at the end of the row or round to show/tell you how to finish. Or they might tell you to do exactly what you’re doing for so many rows or rounds before unpausing the video. But they at least tell you how many rows or rounds to do. And when you unpause they finally show/tell you how to finish the item.

I need to quit paying attention to all the cute lil items & start paying attention to the comments. Because while I love the items one lady creates – she’s not a very good teacher. I completed one of the baby items posted here before she informed us there was another option & showed us how to add snaps for easier diaper changes. I’m sure all mother’s reading this know if I’d known I would’ve went for the snaps option. Even if she forgot to mention it at the beginning of the video she could mention it via text under the video.

On another item she went from one color to another then told us what to do for so many rows or rounds & paused the video. When she came back she’d pulled out the second color & went back to the first. She decided she didn’t like how it looked. Even baby items take a while to hand stitch. We don’t have the time or the energy to waste pulling out several rows or rounds because she’s evidently learning while she’s teaching.

On still another item she said to continue a stitch for whatever length we need. Wouldn’t give me rows or rounds. I guess she assumes all those making her items are making them for their own children or grandkids & such. But my child’s 30, I don’t have any grandkids & I don’t even know anybody close with a small child they could bring over & let me try things on. So I need people to finish videos for whatever size they claim it fits in the beginning.

On the last item of hers I worked on she told us to chain so many then do this stitch this many times & at the end of the row there was several unused chains she expected us to simply pull back out. But especially with thin baby yarn it’s not so easy & I ended up with a knot I couldn’t un-knot. So I had to pull it all out & start all over again. I did only to end up with a jersey that looks nothing like hers. It’s not as thick looking nor as long regardless what the tape measure says. On the last row she don’t tell you how to finish so I’ve got a shell stitch just hanging there. I’m having problems with the sleeves. I may just pull it out & move on to something else.

If you decide to take on crocheting you too might want to check out the comments first. Because in this instance level of experience don’t matter. She expects people to have children around or be psychic. I have finished most of her things I started – but on especially one I was guessing. And I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

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