Hello. My name’s Dawn & I currently live within the heart of the Cherokee Nation – Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I’ve been into arts & crafts for as long as I can remember. I’ve known about ball gown type Barbie dresses that go over toilet paper rolls since my 20’s but I didn’t get to learn how to make them ’til just last year thanks to my friend Ms. Billie.

I no sooner finished my first Barbie dress when I realized YouTube has crochet tutorials. I had so many tabs open I froze up my browser. Most all teachers required a different sized hook so I bought most of the ones Walmart had to offer. I also bought a “how to” booklet & another booklet plus a couple of magazines with patterns. And of course I bought all kinds of yarn. For the most part – I haven’t put a hook down much since.

To see everything I’ve made so far check out my portfolio. To see what I’ve got left to sell check out my shop“. And if you need anything – contact me.