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Got A Pattern?

I’ve been to Etsy & seen some of the cutest things.

Name Key-chains

These were something else Ms. Billie taught me to make that I went a little nuts with.

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I’ve made things for myself & worn them out & about town.

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Did you find something you love in my portfolio that's not for sale in my shop? That's because it was either given away or already sold. My done tub & the closet it sits in are only so big after all. But if I made it once I can do it again & possibly in another size if the pattern offers them. If you're interested - contact me.

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Habitat For Humanity

I decided earlier this year I wanted my own home. Between what most were willing to lend me & the $20,000 I got through the

1st Year Anniversary

Thank goodness Facebook keeps track of things because I sure don’t. According to them I posted this pic a year ago today. So it was

Thou Shalt Not Spam

When I registered this site’s domain name my personal info was protected for free.

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